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1 month europe trip parliament building in budapest

What To See In Budapest In 3 Days: A Complete Guide For First-Timers

Budapest City calls itself as the “city of spas” and for a good reason. You’ll find lots of traditional baths with steam rooms, saunas, ice-cold pools, and massage rooms. This bathing tradition was influenced by the Romans and later on shaped during Turkish era dating back at 16th century. I must admit that during my 1 month Europe trip, I just booked a flight to...

north vietnam travel itinerary cat ba island

Comprehensive North Vietnam Travel Itinerary For 5 Days

Vietnam is a country that flies under the radar of backpackers around the globe. I mean who wouldn’t? This long, narrow, and S-shaped like country has almost everything. From cheap prices, tasty foods, rich culture, and most especially the beautiful landscapes, you couldn’t ask for more. Now the length of your itinerary can be tricky as you could imagine since some...

Where to Stay in Hanoi: 6 Best Hostels in the Old Quarter

While finding a hostel in Hanoi, Vietnam isn’t that hard, picking the best area to stay can make or break your trip. Hanoi city is located on the banks of the Red River and is a very diverse city despite of its size. Yes, it’s not that big but it will be a lot easier if there is a list of best hostels in Hanoi’s neighborhoods for tourists, especially if you are...


7 Must-See Museums in Stockholm | The Outcast Journey

Sweden is one of those destinations that not many people think of visiting at first, because of 1. It’s quite expensive, and 2. It’s too cold. But once they do, they for sure fall in love with it. The same story happened to me a few months ago. Although, undeniably there are hundreds of epic things to do in Sweden, most especially in its capital –...

Amsterdam in a day how to spend layovers in Netherlands

Amsterdam in a Day: How to Spend Layovers in The Netherland’s Capital

This post was most recently updated on May 2nd, 2019Like any other European city, Amsterdam boasts with fascinating architecture, culinary feasts, and a whole bunch of stuff to do and see. You wish you could experience it all, but due to the limited time it will be quite a challenge. This post sums up our short yet worthwhile layover in The Netherland’s capital. I...

Where To Stay In Prague Sir Tobys Hostel

Where To Stay In Prague: 5 Awesome Lodging Near Historic Old Town

This post was most recently updated on October 24th, 2018Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. When researching for the things to do in Prague, there are lots of landmarks that are regularly mentioned. One of them is the famous Charles Bridge...

Long haul flight essentials

Long Haul Flight Essentials: What To Pack To Survive

I went to Europe last May and for the record it was the longest flight that I have ever taken. It took me about 16 hours to get to Amsterdam from Manila. I usually travel around the countries in Asia and that’s only 3-4 hours away. Typical travel time in Manila to get to the office haha! The thought of flying for more than 8 hours was so crazy to me. Good thing...

1 month europe trip

Ultimate Bucket List: 6 Countries Every Traveler Should Visit in 1 Month Europe Trip

This post was most recently updated on April 23rd, 2019I was in hiatus in blogging for almost 3 months already. Now I’m back with full of stories of my Eurotrip 2018 spending 4 weeks in a total of 6 countries. We spent most of our time in Sweden, the city of Linköping in particular, but we were able to maximize our time to check out other Scandinavian and Eastern...