• San Juan Beach: The Surfing Spot

    8 Helpful Tips For Traveling to La Union on a Budget

    Many of us want to escape their jobs and go for a quick vacation but without spending a lot of money. Well that’s exactly what we did a few days ago. Although I would say it was a long planning, took us a year to finally make it happen, the time surely helped us securing a […]

  • Volunteer experience with the Aeta community in Pampanga

    Aeta Community in Pampanga: Coloring the Lives of Indigenous Children

    The Aetas, being one of the biggest, in terms of number, member of ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines, are indigenous people living in different mountainous places in Luzon. They can be found in the provinces of Pampanga, Zambales, and Tarlac, to name a few. In Pampanga alone, Aetas are scattered in the municipalities of Floridablanca, […]

  • Sambawan Island: Spending A Whole Day In Biliran's Answer To Paradise

    Sambawan Island: Spending A Whole Day In Biliran’s Answer To Paradise

    With over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, I know for sure it will take time to cross out every island in the list. But the thing is that I am happy to tick off another one that is in the Visayas Region! Few more to go haha! There’s no rush, I promise to myself, since […]

  • Torpedo Extreme Boat Ride | Samar’s Most Underrated River Adventure

    Also known as ‘Wright’, Paranas is a municipality in the province of Samar that should definitely be part of your Samar-Leyte itinerary. After our epic road trip down the Leyte region, we were itching to explore another area of Eastern Visayas so we headed north trying to capture the amazing landscape and captivating scenery of Paranas. We didn’t […]

  • Traveling With Purpose: Color Your Life Project

    Traveling With A Purpose: Color Your Life Project in La Union

    If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts, you’re very much aware of what project I am currently promoting. There are some people who come across me and ask how I got to be in such initiative. You may not probably believe it (if that’s how you think of me haha!) but I […]



The Outcast Journey is a website that intends to give information about the author’s own adventures. The name, with two prominent words “Outcast” and “Journey”, means to have a diverse adventure however not to reject mainstream notions on traveling.  Moreover, it is not just a travel blog but a niche that alternatively promotes a new lense for experiencing places, food, and the arts. It also features tips on how to well-spend your time and money when traveling to places/countries. Most of all, it simply tells you to enjoy your journey with friends and family.

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Our mission is to visit communities, whether indigenous or remote, all over the country to promote the Arts to the children, to awaken their artistic potential, to let them imagine the unimaginable, and most especially, to just have fun during the activities.

We genuinely believe that traveling is not just for individual happiness and satisfaction, but indeed a quest to be social tools that can somewhat help and change the community they visit.
Our way to give an alternative art experience to the poor children as well as enrich their artistic talents. Moreover, we hope that our project, will leave memories to the communities and the kids who we will be teaching.
Be one with the Crayons’ advocacy in coloring the lives of children. We are in need of volunteers to join us facilitate the activities. We also gladly accept donations and monetary support. Click the link below!


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