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  • Traveling With Purpose: Color Your Life Project

    Traveling With A Purpose: Color Your Life Project in La Union

    If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts, you’re very much aware of what project I am currently promoting. There are some people who come across me and ask how I got to be in such initiative. You may not probably believe it (if that’s how you think of me haha!) but I […]

  • iconic merlion which is one of the best singapore tourist attractions

    Top Singapore Tourist Attractions and How Much Each Costs to Visit

    Singapore, also known as the “Lion City”, is the most incredible tourist attraction that made its way to be one of the top modern cities in Asia. Well true enough since “the city boasts of one of the least-corrupt governments, most business-friendly economies, a first-class education system, strict laws on crime, and a thriving arts […]

  • ultimate guide to dingalan aurora, tips and advices, what to see, and the budget

    Dingalan Aurora: The Outcast Journey Experience and Travel Guide

    The long walk and tiring climb really pay off when you see the view from the top, at least on my experience. This was the case of my recent trip to Dingalan, Aurora. As much as I really want to try something different and special on my 24th birthday, I planned a trip that isn’t […]

  • 3-day caramoan itinerary

    3-Day Caramoan Itinerary With Side Trip To Albay For Less Than 6000 Pesos All In

    Caramoan is a beautiful and unspoiled place. In just a day, you can go and enjoy, at least, 3 beautiful islands. Although the distance going to Caramoan can be quite long, the experience and the view are still worth every hour of travel time. Therefore, I created a perfect 3-day Caramoan itinerary for you, yes […]

  • fantasy world castle in lemery batangas

    Fantasy World Batangas: The Disneyland of the Philippines Experience

    Ever wondered what Disneyland would be like if it was in Silent Hill? You’d be slaying zombie princes and headless knights instead of dragons. When I was a kid, the only amusement/theme parks I knew existed in the Philippines were Enchanted Kingdom and Star City. Honestly, I grew up with not much interest on this […]




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