The Outcast Journey is a website that intends to give information about the author’s own adventures. The name, with two prominent words “Outcast” and “Journey”, means to have a diverse adventure however not to reject mainstream notions on travelling.  Moreover, it is not just a travel blog but a niche that alternatively promotes a new lense for experiencing places, food, and the arts. It also features tips on how to well-spend your time and money when travelling to places/countries. Most of all, it simply tells you to enjoy your journey with friends and family.


  • 7 Most Beautiful Caramoan Islands That You Should Visit

    Of thousands of beautiful islands in the Philippines, you’ll probably get a hard time to choose where your next destination is. Famous locations like Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan are either overrun with tourists, overpriced, or both. Well, a secluded town at the tail of Camarines Sur in Bicol Region comprises almost the same features that […]

  • Day Tour Adventure at Minalungao National Park

    It’s well known that Nueva Ecija is home to many spectacular churches and rice field landscapes, however, there is this one hidden place, though I must say that it’s not anymore due to the increased number of visitors, called Minalungao National Park — from the words mina (mine) and lungao (cave). With a land area […]

  • El Nido Island Hopping Tours Destination

    Your choices of El Nido island hopping tours may depend on your personal interests. Whether you like snorkeling, or just lying on the beach watching the waves and the sun, perhaps swimming is your thing while others like to do adventure. Well it’s not hard to find a travel tour since most of the establishments […]

  • Travel Guide: El Nido Itinerary for 4D3N

    Itinerary for 4 Days and 3 Nights Day 1 06:40 ETD to Puerto Princesa Airport 08:00 ETA Puerto Princesa 09:00 ETD of van shuttle to El Nido 02:00 ETA in El Nido van terminal 02:15 Check in Milan Grace Inn 03:00 Late lunch at El Nido Boutique & Art cafe 04:00 Tour small El Nido […]

  • El Nido Tour C

    Tour C of El Nido island hopping tours is the next most popular to Tour A. This includes island-hopping to Helicopter Island and Matinloc Island and its white sand beaches, coral reefs, hidden beaches. Helicopter Island Don’t get wrong with its name. By just looking its shape from a distance, you would know why the […]




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